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6 Effective Ways to Stop Rabbits Digging Holes in Your Lawn

How to Stop Rabbits from Digging Holes in Your Lawn

Rabbits are adorable creatures that can bring joy to anyone who sees them hopping around in the fields. However, having them around your lawn is another story altogether, especially if they are making a mess by digging holes in your yard.

If you are dealing with these pesky critters, read on to find out how you can stop rabbits from digging holes in your lawn.

Making Your Lawn Undesirable to Rabbits

One of the easiest ways to prevent rabbits from digging holes in your lawn is by making it an unattractive place for them to be in. If your lawn is attractive to bunnies, they will make it their home and leave holes all over the place.

One way to do this is by keeping your lawn trimmed and tidy. Tall grass and overgrown vegetation offer hiding spots for rabbits, making them more likely to call your lawn home.

Stray food, such as birdseed or pet food, can also attract rabbits to your lawn. Clear any food and debris that could entice them.

Identifying What Needs Protection Against Rabbits

If you are growing crops in your lawn or garden, you need to take extra precautions because rabbits love to chew on plants. Signs of digging and chewed-off plants are telltale signs that these critters have been there.

If you have seen these signs, its crucial to take steps to protect your plants. You can do this by placing a wire mesh around the plants that you need to protect.

Be sure to bury the mesh wire deep in the ground, so the rabbits don’t burrow under it.

Building a Wall to Deter Rabbits and Bunnies

Another way to stop rabbits from digging holes in your lawn is by building a wall to deter them from entering. You can do this by using galvanized mesh wire and wooden stakes.

Bury the wire fence a few inches deep underground and attach the stake to the wire so that it remains upright. The fence should be at least four feet high as rabbits can jump over lower ones.

You can also use tree wrap or plastic binder to attach the fence to the stakes and make it sturdy.

Odd Things That Will Prevent Rabbits from Going to Your Lawn

If youre looking for some unconventional ways to prevent rabbits from entering your lawn, there are a few odd things that you can try. For instance, you can plant certain plants, such as marigolds, sweet potato vines, and lavender, that have a strong smell, which rabbits don’t like.

Getting a dog is also another option, as rabbits are afraid of dogs. There are also natural repellents that you can use, such as wolf urine, red pepper flakes, and vinegar.

Making noise around your lawn, such as clapping your hands or playing loud music, can also deter the rabbits from coming.

Filling Hole in Your Lawn Caused by Rabbits

If you already have holes on your lawn caused by rabbits, here are some tips on how to fill them. First, remove any loose dirt or debris from the hole area.

Fill the hole with fresh dirt that is damp enough to stick together. Place the dirt in small layers to avoid air pockets.

Finally, you can sprinkle grass seed over the area and water it generously.


There are many studies and articles that provide useful information on wild rabbits. For instance, research has shown that the influence of herbaceous cover and land cover structure can affect rabbit populations.

In another study, the effectiveness of exclusion fence designs was analyzed to prevent rabbit damage to crops. Additionally, studies have investigated the improvement of vitamin A status in rabbits and the effects of plant secondary compounds on their diet.


In conclusion, preventing rabbits from digging holes in your lawn is possible if you use the right techniques. By making your lawn unattractive, identifying what needs protection, building a wall to deter rabbits, and trying some odd tricks, you can rid your lawn of these pesky creatures.

In the end, maintaining a tidy lawn is the best way to deter rabbits from damaging your outdoor space. In summary, we have discussed various effective ways to prevent rabbits from digging holes in your lawn.

By keeping your lawn tidy, identifying areas that need protection, and building a fence to keep rabbits out, you can minimize the damage caused by these critters. Additionally, trying out some unconventional methods, such as planting certain types of plants or using natural repellents, can also help.

Lastly, filling holes caused by rabbits with fresh dirt and grass seed ensures a well-maintained lawn. By implementing these techniques, you can enjoy a beautiful lawn without having to deal with the frustration of rabbits digging holes.

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