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6 Ways to Keep Snakes Out of Your Yard

Keeping Snakes Out of Your Yard

For many homeowners, the sight of a snake in their yard can be a nerve-wracking experience. While most snakes are not harmful to humans, they can pose a threat to small pets or cause property damage.

If you want to keep snakes out of your yard, you need to understand what attracts them to your property in the first place. In this article, we will explore some of the common reasons why snakes enter your yard and offer tips on how to prevent their presence.

Reasons for Snakes in Your Yard

High Population of Rodents & Birds

One of the most common reasons why snakes make their way into your yard is the high population of rodents and birds. Snakes are predators, and they are attracted to areas with an abundance of food.

If you have an infestation of mice or rats, you are likely to see more snakes lurking around. To counter this, you may want to consider calling an exterminator or setting up mouse traps around your home.

Also, make sure to eliminate any hiding spots that rodents may be using by sealing up any cracks or crevices. Presence of Tall Grass & Plants

If your yard is filled with tall grass and plants, your property may be a great habitat for snakes to hide and camouflage.

To deter snakes from entering your yard, you should make sure to keep your lawn well-maintained. This means regularly mowing your grass and weed whacking around bushes and shrubs.

Keeping your yard free of any debris, such as leaves and branches, will also eliminate potential hiding spots of snakes. Plenty of Cool & Damp Places

Snakes are drawn to cool, damp places, which make great hideouts during the hot summer months.

Common hiding spots include garages, sheds, crawl spaces, and foundational gaps. To prevent snakes from accessing these spaces, you should seal up any gaps in your home’s foundation and make sure that all doors and windows are properly fitted.

Additionally, keep crawl spaces and basements dry and well-ventilated. Leaving Out Old Cat & Dog Food

Snakes don’t just eat rodents and birds.

They also eat other smaller creatures, such as frogs, lizards, and insects. Leaving out old cat or dog food is an open invitation for these types of creatures to come to your yard, which may also attract snakes.

To prevent this, make sure to clean up any crumbs and store pet food indoors.

Composting Near Your Home

Composting is an excellent way to reduce waste and enrich your soil. However, compost piles and bins also attract rodents and other critters, which can indirectly lead to snakes on your property.

To prevent this, make sure to properly secure your compost and avoid adding any animal products or oily foods that may cause unpleasant smells.

Water Sources

Snakes need access to water to survive, and if you have a pool or a pond in your yard, they may be drawn to it. This is especially true for garter snakes, which are commonly found in wet environments.

To prevent snakes from entering your yard through water sources, install barriers around your pool or pond. Also, keep these areas well-maintained to eliminate any potential hiding spots for snakes.


While snakes may have some beneficial properties, their presence on your property can be unsettling. By following these simple tips, you can reduce the chances of having snakes in your yard.

Remember to keep your lawn and yard well-maintained, store pet food indoors, eliminate potential hiding spots, and secure water sources. With these precautions in place, you can enjoy a snake-free yard all year round.

In conclusion, understanding the reasons for snakes in your yard is essential for taking preventive measures to keep them out. Snakes are attracted to areas with an abundance of food, hiding spots, and cool, damp places.

By maintaining a well-manicured lawn, securing food and water sources, and sealing any gaps or crevices in your property, you can significantly reduce the chances of having snakes in your yard. Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your family, pets, and property, and taking proactive measures is key.

So, take the necessary steps to prevent snakes from entering your yard and enjoy a relaxing, snake-free environment.

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