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7 Effective Ways to Keep Weasels From Invading Your Property

Weasel infestations are not only bothersome but can also be dangerous to both pets and humans alike. Their climbing and digging abilities give them easy access to gardens and chicken coops, where they can wreak havoc.

In this article, we will explore effective measures that you can employ to keep weasels from climbing over and digging under walls. Weasels’ Climbing and Digging Abilities

Weasels are small, agile animals that are known for their climbing and digging abilities.

Their slender bodies and sharp claws allow them to easily climb trees and walls, making it easy for them to access areas that contain their potential prey. Additionally, weasels are skilled diggers, capable of burrowing underground to reach their targets.

Preventing Weasels from Climbing over Walls

One of the most effective ways to prevent weasels from climbing over walls is to install a fence around your property. A sturdy fence made of metal or wood can significantly reduce the chances of a weasel gaining access to your property.

Alternatively, you can also install an electric fence around your property. This type of fencing delivers a mild electric shock that deters weasels and other animals from crossing the barrier.

Make sure that the electric fence system is safe, reliable, and not too close to human activities. For added security, consider installing motion detectors around your property.

Lights that activate when motion is detected can help scare away weasels as well as other nocturnal predators.

Preventing Weasels from Digging under Walls

Another effective way to prevent weasels from accessing your property is to install an underground hardware cloth. This type of fencing is buried about two feet below the ground and extends about two feet above the surface.

It is a sturdy and durable solution that can prove effective for many years.

Increasing Fencing

Another effective way to keep weasels at bay is by increasing the height of your fencing. Weasels are skilled climbers, but a high fence could be tough for them to overcome or reach.

A fence that is about five feet high should be enough to keep weasels out, but if you have a serious weasel infestation problem, you may want to consider building a fence that is higher.

Using an Electric Fence

Electric fences can be quite effective in deterring weasels and keeping them out of your property. A good quality electric fence, such as the Patriot Electric Fence Energizer, can deliver a mild shock that scares off weasels and other predators.

Deterrents and Repellents

You can also use different types of deterrents and repellents to keep weasels away from your garden or chicken coop area. These include predator urine, peppermint oil, hot pepper, tea tree oil, citronella, eucalyptus, and coffee grounds.

These substances are not harmful to the environment, pets or humans, but can irritate the senses of many predators, including weasels. Motion Detectors with Lights, Sprinklers, and Sound

Motion detectors with lights, sprinklers, and sound can also be an effective way of scaring away weasels.

The Orbit Day & Night Motion Detector Sprinkler is a great example of a motion detector sprinkler system that will deter weasels from entering your property. Ultrasonic sound systems use high-frequency sound to irritate and scare away weasels and other animals.

Weasel Traps

If you are facing a serious weasel infestation problem, you may want to consider trapping them. However, trapping weasels can be quite challenging since they are very agile and can easily escape many traps.

It is best that you seek the help of a professional trapper to ensure that you effectively and humanely remove weasels from your property.


Keeping weasels away from your property can be a challenging task, but it is not impossible. By employing effective preventative measures like increasing fencing, using electric fencing, deterrents, and repellents, and motion detectors with lights, sound, or sprinklers, you can ensure that weasels are kept at bay.

Remember to consult with professionals when trapping weasels, and always ensure that you are using safe and humane methods of control. By following these simple steps, you can reduce the risk of weasel infestations and protect your property from their damaging actions.

Attractants for Weasels

Weasels are not only skilled climbers and diggers but are also attracted to certain environments and factors. Understanding the things that attract weasels can help you take proactive measures to reduce their presence, control their population, and protect your property.

Below are some of the most common attractants for weasels:

Food and Leftover Meat

Weasels are meat-eaters, and they are attracted to food sources that can provide them with enough energy to survive. They are known to raid trash cans or compost bins that contain leftover food or scraps of meat.

If you leave your trash cans open, it will attract these predators to your property. It is recommended that you keep your bins closed and secure, and if possible, avoid placing any meat scraps or food waste in them.

Other Rodents

Weasels prey on rodents such as mice, voles, rats, and other small animals. If your property has an infestation of rodents, your property could become an attractive place for weasels.

Make sure that you frequently clean your property, remove debris, and take steps to reduce the rodent population through trapping and other prevention strategies.

Wide Open Areas

Weasels prefer open areas with tall grass or dense vegetation where they can move around without being noticed. If you have such an area on your property, it can serve as an attractive habitat for these predators.

Other Weasels

Weasels are also attracted to other weasels, especially during the mating season. Females that are pregnant or have kits are particularly susceptible to this attraction.

If you have seen weasels on your property, it is possible that they may have already mated or are in the process of doing so. Take steps to control the population and prevent future mating from occurring.

Livestock such as Chickens

Weasels are notorious predators of chickens and other livestock. Many chicken coops have openings that are big enough for weasels to enter and prey on these animals.

If you have a chicken coop on your property, take steps to fortify it with a sturdy fence, cover all openings, and secure your livestock.


Weasels are skilled predators that can cause significant damage to your property or harm to your pets and livestock. Understanding the things that attract weasels can help you take proactive measures to prevent infestations and control the population.

By reducing attractants and employing effective deterrents, you can limit the impact of weasels and protect your property from their damaging actions. In conclusion, understanding the habits and behaviors of weasels is important in controlling their population and limiting their impact on your property.

Weasels are skilled climbers and diggers attracted to food sources, wide-open areas, other weasels, and livestock. To prevent weasel infestations, homeowners must take proactive measures such as installing fencing, using motion detectors, employing deterrents and repellents, and reducing attractants.

We hope this article has provided valuable insights into effective weasel control measures, and we encourage homeowners to take steps to protect their property from these elusive predators.

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