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9 Effective Strategies to Keep Pesky Birds Out of Your Garage

Are you constantly finding birds in your garage? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Many people have encountered this problem and wonder why birds are attracted to garages in the first place. And more importantly, how can you get them out of there?

In this article, we’ll address both of these questions and provide some practical tips to help you get rid of those pesky birds.

Reasons Why Birds Are In Your Garage

Birds are fascinating creatures. They’re intelligent and adaptable, which makes them able to survive in various habitats.

It’s not uncommon to see birds nesting in your backyard or on your roof. But why are they attracted to your garage?

Safety and Comfort

One reason why birds may be drawn to your garage is that they see it as a safe and comfortable place to stay. Garages are typically warm and dry, which is an ideal environment for nesting.

Birds may also take advantage of the shelter provided by the garage to protect themselves from harsh weather conditions or even predators.

Temperature and Light

Birds are highly sensitive to temperature and light, which can make your garage an appealing place for them. If your garage is located in a sunny spot, it may provide a comfortable temperature for birds to rest.

Additionally, some birds are attracted to light and may be drawn to your garage if it’s well-lit.

Accidental Flight

Another reason why birds are in your garage is that they may have accidentally flown in. Birds can become disoriented by bright lights and accidentally fly into your garage.

Once they’re inside, they may have a hard time finding their way out, especially if the garage is dimly lit.

How To Get Birds Out Of Your Garage

Now that we’ve discussed the reasons why birds may be in your garage, let’s talk about how to get them out. There are several methods you can use to safely and effectively remove birds from your garage.

Open All The Doors And Windows Of The Garage

The most straightforward approach to getting birds out of your garage is to open all the doors and windows. This approach works because birds have a natural instinct to fly towards light or open spaces.

By opening the doors and windows, you create a pathway for the birds to fly out. You may need to wait a bit for the birds to figure out that there’s an exit, but they will eventually find their way out.

Place Bird Feeders Outside Of Your Garage To Lure Them Out

Another way to get birds out of your garage is to lure them out with bird feeders. Place bird feeders with sunflower seeds or other birdseed outside of your garage.

This method works because birds will follow the trail of birdseed and eventually find their way outside. You can also move the bird feeders gradually further away from your garage until the birds are no longer attracted to it.

Use A Rake To Move Birds To Outside Your Garage

If the above methods don’t work, you can try to move the birds outside using a rake. To use a rake, gently approach the birds and lightly tap the base of the rake on the ground.

This movement creates the illusion of a predator, and the birds will likely fly away. Use this technique to help the birds feel threatened and encourage them to leave your garage.

This method is best used when a bird is perched and may be too scared to fly out on their own.

Adding A Predator Inside Of Your Garage

Finally, you can deter birds from entering your garage by adding a predator decoy. Place a plastic owl or other predator inside your garage to create the illusion of a natural predator.

Birds will be scared off by the idea of a predator and will stay away from your garage. Alternatively, you can get a dog or cat that might naturally deter birds.

But don’t worry, these predators won’t harm the birds, they just provide a sense of danger.


In conclusion, birds may be drawn to your garage for several reasons, including safety, comfort, and accidental flight. To safely and effectively remove birds from your garage, you can try opening all the doors and windows, using bird feeders to lure them out, using a rake to move them to the exit, or adding a predator decoy inside your garage.

With these methods, you’ll be able to get rid of those pesky birds and keep your garage bird-free. Are you tired of finding birds in your garage?

Keeping birds out of your garage can be challenging, but with a little effort, it’s possible to prevent them from entering your space altogether. Here are nine ways to keep birds out of your garage for good.

1. Keep Your Garage Door Closed

The most fool-proof way to keep birds out of your garage is to keep the door closed.

However, this may not be practical if you use your garage frequently. Consider installing a screen on the door or windows to let in air while keeping birds out.

2. Add Reflective Tape To The Door Of Your Garage

Birds are wary of shiny reflective surfaces, which makes reflective tape an effective way of scaring them away.

To install reflective tape, stick it to the outside of your garage doors or windows. The sunlight will reflect off the tape and create a flashing light that birds will associate with danger.

3. Install Feeders Away From Your Garage To Keep Birds Out

Birds can be attracted to your garage if they know there’s food inside.

Consider redirecting the birds by installing bird feeders away from your garage in a tree or nearby brush. There are various feeders that you can use depending on what birds you want to attract.

For example, hummingbird feeders with nectar or peanut feeders for blue jays. 4.

Add Bird Baths Away From Your Garage To Keep Birds Out

Birds need water to survive, and if your garage is close to a water source, they may be attracted to it. Consider adding bird baths or water fountains in areas away from your garage to provide birds with an alternative water source.

You could also create a small pond in your yard to attract more birds to your property. 5.

Maintain The Area Around Your Garage So Birds Are Not Attracted To The Area

Birds need cover and nesting materials, which means they are attracted to overgrown brush, tall grasses, and other vegetation around your garage. To prevent birds from being attracted to your garage, keep the area around it clean and well-maintained.

Trim back any overgrown brush or grasses and make sure there are no accessible spots for birds to call home. 6.

Add Predator Decoys Around Your Garage To Scare Birds Away

Birds are naturally afraid of predators, and you can use this to your advantage by adding predator decoys around your garage. Hawk and owl decoys are effective because they resemble natural predators of many bird species.

Alternately, you can use reflective white surfaces to create the appearance of predators. 7.

Remove All Of The Lawn Seed And Bird Seed In Your Garage

Birds are attracted to food scraps and will be more likely to enter your garage if they know there’s a potential source of food. Ensure you clean up any bird seed or lawn seed from your garage floor and store them in a sealed container to prevent attracting more birds.

8. Fix Any Holes That Go Into Your Garage

Birds will sometimes nest in garages, especially in the springtime.

To prevent birds from entering your garage, inspect the exterior of your garage for any holes or gaps and promptly repair them. 9.

Hire Professionals To Help You Keep Birds Out Of Your Garage

If you have tried all of the above methods and are still having trouble keeping birds out of your garage, consider hiring a professional to help you out. Bird control specialists can install bird netting or other exclusion methods that prevent birds from entering your garage.

In conclusion, keeping birds out of your garage may take some effort, but it’s possible with a few simple strategies. By keeping your garage door closed, adding reflective tape, redirecting feeders, maintaining the area around your garage, and adding predator decoys, you can make it difficult or unattractive for birds to enter your garage.

Ensuring you fix any holes or gaps, clean up food scraps, and add alternative water sources can further help you to keep birds out of your garage for good. In conclusion, throughout this article, we have explored a variety of reasons why birds may be attracted to your garage, as well as numerous strategies you can take to prevent them from entering and making it their home.

By following these tips, you can successfully manage and reduce the presence of birds in your garage. Remember, the key to successful bird removal is to create an environment that makes it difficult or unattractive for birds to enter.

Whether it’s keeping your garage door closed, adding reflective tape, redirecting feeders, or hiring professionals, there are numerous steps we can take to ensure a bird-free garage. By incorporating these strategies, we can protect our homes and property while also preserving the natural habitats of our feathered friends.

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