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Top Roach Sprays: Advantages Disadvantages and Reviews

Cockroaches are one of the most unpleasant pests to have in your home. They spread disease, contaminate food and can cause allergic reactions.

Roach sprays are an effective way to get rid of them, but with so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to choose. In this article, we’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of fast-acting killers and residual sprays and review the top picks on the market, including

Bengal Gold Roach Spray,

Zevo Roach Spray,

Hot Shot Roach Spray, Ortho Ant & Roach Killer, Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer, Black Flag Ant & Roach Killer,

Raid Ant and Roach Spray,

Combat Max Ant and Roach Killer Foam Spray, and

Temprid Ready to Spray.

Fast-Acting Killers or Poisons That Work Behind the Scenes? Fast-acting killers and residual sprays are the two main types of roach sprays available.

Fast-acting killers contain poisons that kill cockroaches on contact. They are often used in combination with other methods, such as baits, traps, or dusts, for more effective control.

Some popular fast-acting killers include

Hot Shot Roach Spray, Ortho Ant & Roach Killer 1 and 2, and

Combat Max Ant and Roach Killer Foam Spray. Residual sprays, on the other hand, contain chemicals that work behind the scenes.

Once sprayed, the poison can remain active for weeks or even months, providing continuous protection against new cockroach infestations. Residual sprays are convenient for those who don’t plan to use other methods to control cockroaches.

These sprays are best for those who have a small or moderate cockroach problem. Some popular residual sprays include

Bengal Gold Roach Spray,

Zevo Roach Spray, Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer, Black Flag Ant & Roach Killer, and

Raid Ant and Roach Spray.

Top Roach Spray Picks

Now that we know the advantages and disadvantages of fast-acting killers and residual sprays, let’s look in detail at the top roach spray picks on the market.

Bengal Gold Roach Spray

Bengal Gold Roach Spray is a popular residual spray that contains permethrin, an insecticide that works by attacking the cockroach’s nervous system. It also contains an IGR, or insect growth regulator, which prevents the development of immature cockroaches, keeping the population under control.

This spray is particularly effective against German cockroaches, which are notorious for being difficult to eliminate.

Zevo Roach Spray

Zevo Roach Spray is a natural roach killer that uses essential oils such as geraniol and cinnamon oil instead of traditional insecticides. It is safe for use around people and pets and has a pleasant scent.

Zevo Roach Spray is also effective against other household pests such as ants and spiders.

Hot Shot Roach Spray

Hot Shot Roach Spray contains imiprothrin, a fast-acting insecticide that kills cockroaches on contact. It also has a disinfectant that kills germs and bacteria, making it a great choice for those who are concerned about hygiene.

Ortho Ant & Roach Killer 1 and 2

Ortho Ant & Roach Killer 1 and 2 are contact sprays that contain cypermethrin and pyrethrins, which work together to kill roaches quickly. The ETOC and Prallethrin in them give the spray longer protection.

They come in an aerosol can for easy application. Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Cracks & Crevices

Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Cracks & Crevices is another popular spray by Ortho that uses deltamethrin to kill cockroaches.

The difference is that it also comes with a foam nozzle that expands upon contact with the insects’ hiding places. This foam can penetrate deep into tight spaces even hard to reach ones.

Ortho Home Defense Ant & Roach Killer with Essential Oils

Ortho Home Defense Ant & Roach Killer with Essential Oils uses essential oils such as thyme and peppermint oils and a surfactant as the primary ingredient to kill roaches. It is also safe to use around people and pets.

Black Flag Ant & Roach Killer

Black Flag Ant & Roach Killer contains imiprothrin and works as a residual insecticide. It can prevent cockroach infestations for up to 12 weeks after being sprayed.

Raid Ant and Roach Spray

Raid Ant and Roach Spray is another popular residual insecticide that can kill cockroaches for up to four weeks after being sprayed. It also has a pleasant fragrance that helps to mask the odor of dead insects.

Combat Max Ant and Roach Killer Foam Spray

Combat Max Ant and Roach Killer Foam Spray delivers a combination of Imidacloprid and beta-Cyfluthrin through a foam spray. The foam expands to fill cracks and crevices, offering excellent coverage.

It is highly effective against roaches hiding in these spaces.

Temprid Ready to Spray

Temprid Ready to Spray contains Imidacloprid and beta-Cyfluthrin for effective control of cockroaches. The unique sprayer allows for spraying in any direction, even upside down or sideways, making it ideal for hard-to-reach areas.


Cockroaches are not only unsightly but also carry germs that can lead to illness. Roach sprays can help prevent infestations and control existing ones.

When choosing a roach spray, consider if you want a fast-acting killer or a residual spray, then pick a product best suited to your needs. The

Top Roach Spray Picks reviewed in this article provides options ranging from natural, traditional insecticides to multi-purpose spray that can also disinfect and sanitize, along with special convenience features such as foam application, alternative ingredients, and spray allocation that suits different purposes.

3) Tips for Using Roach Spray

Roach sprays can be an effective way to eliminate cockroach infestations. However, to get the best results, you need to use them properly.

Here are some tips for using roach sprays:

– Understand Residual Effects: Residual sprays are designed to provide long-lasting protection from cockroach infestations. To get the most out of a residual spray, it’s important to know where to use it.

Apply the spray in areas where cockroaches are likely to hide, such as the kitchen and bathroom, along the crevices between your walls, baseboards, and piping. However, avoid overuse as it might result in cockroaches resisting the chemicals used.

– Safety First: Always read the label before using roach sprays. While many products are safe to use around humans and pets, others may contain chemicals that can be harmful.

Essential oil-based sprays, such as

Zevo Roach Spray or Ortho Home Defense Ant & Roach Killer with Essential Oils, are usually safe around kids and pets. Some sprays use pyrethroids and neonicotinoids, pesticides that can be toxic to beneficial insects such as bees.

– Be Prepared for Escape: After being sprayed, some roaches may scatter and hide in deeper crevices that weren’t treated. Furthermore, roaches may be able to escape the spray area, especially during daytime.

Expect to find dead roaches and monitor for their return.

4) Add Roach Spray to Your Roach Control System

Cockroach sprays are one of many tools you can use to eliminate cockroach infestations. For the best results, combine them with other methods to create a comprehensive cockroach control program.

Here are some additional methods you can employ:

– Poisoned baits: Cockroach bait is an effective method for eliminating an infestation. Bait stations can lure roaches to consume the bait and later, poison their nest-mates through social contact.

– Insecticidal dusts: These chemicals work by adhering to roaches’ bodies, eventually entering their respiratory tracts and killing them. Dusts, like boric acid or diatomaceous earth, are commonly used in areas with low dust accumulation and in cracks where roaches frequent.

– Cockroach traps: Sticky traps are a mechanical solution to roach control, as they do not contain insecticides. They attract roaches with bait, then trap them upon contact.

– DIY remedies: Essential oils such as peppermint, tea tree, clove, or citrus oils can be mixed and used as natural insecticides. Also, natural cockroach repellents such as catnip, bay leaves, and cucumber peels can be strategically placed to deter roaches from entering certain areas.

It is essential to employ these methods thoroughly and regularly, as they all serve a different purpose in roach control. It is also important to keep your home clean, free of moisture and crumbs that can bring roaches to your home.

By combining these methods, you’ll be able to create a roach control system that is tailored to your specific needs while keeping both your family and pets safe. 5)


In conclusion, cockroach infestations can pose a severe threat to your health and safety, and it’s essential to take action before they become an unmanageable problem.

Roach sprays are one tool to help eradicate cockroach infestations. Although there are various types of roach sprays available, choosing the best one depends on a few factors such as your preferences and the scope of infestation.

To use roach sprays effectively, it’s important to understand their residual effects, read the label carefully to use them safely, and anticipate escape or surviving roaches. To get the best results, consider incorporating other control methods like poisoned baits, insecticidal dusts, and cockroach traps into your cockroach control system.

Lastly, regular cleaning and maintaining a roach-free environment can help prevent future infestations effectively. A comprehensive roach control program that combines various methods is the most effective solution against cockroach infestations.

These pests must not be overlooked, and it’s crucial to take measures to eradicate them before they cause further harm. With the right roach sprays, methods and habits, you can protect your home, family, and pets from the health risks and unpleasantness associated with cockroaches.

In conclusion, roach sprays can serve as an effective tool in eliminating cockroach infestations. It’s crucial to choose a spray that’s suitable for your needs, use it correctly, and consider combining it with other control methods.

Maintaining a clean and pest-free environment can also help prevent future infestations, protecting your family and pets from the health risks and unpleasantness that come with cockroaches. In short, by being proactive in your approach and using the right tools and habits, you can ensure a cockroach-free environment and the peace of mind that comes with it.

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